From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/25/1903, p. 5, c. 3

Nine Competing Equestrian Designs Are Entered in Contest.

Seven artists are in the competition for the award of the J. E. B. Stuart Monument Association, with nine fine equestrian models, three of them being submitted by one sculptor, Mr. L. Amateis. The competition ended by limitation on Monday, August 22d, and when the doors were finally closed and locked yesterday morning there were designs in the room submitted by L. Armateis (three), George T. Brewster, Louis A. Gudebrod, Edward Morahan, William Sievers and F. E. Triebel, from the North, and T. A. Wellet, of this city. Mr. Sievers is a “Richmond boy,” having formerly lived here.

The models, which are, of course, of varying degrees of excellence, were numbered in the order of their arrival, and will be examined and voted upon by their numbers only. They are all in place in the hall over Brown’s café, at No. 522 East Broad Street, where the committee will meet at some early date to pick the winner. In the meantime, in order to prevent and avoid any of the trickery and wire-pulling which so often disgraces art competitions, the public are to be rigidly excluded from the model room, under the terms of the following order, which was posted with Mr. Cooke, the proprietor of the café, Monday morning:

24th August, 1903.

J. E. B. Stuart Monument Competition:

The competition having closed by limitation on August 22d, and the committee being responsible for the models, the model room is ordered locked to all visitors except the Committee of Award until further notice. This is the custom and the rule in competitions of this kind.

No one, artist or otherwise, except the members of the Executive Committee, is to be admitted without the presence or upon the order of an officer of the Executive Committee, unless some emergency shall require it. Those officers are:

Captain Marion J. Dimmock, chairman.
Captain W. Ben Palmer, secretary.
Mr. Jeffry Montague, assistant secretary.
Mr. E. A. Catlin, treasurer.

The other members of the Executive Committee are General the Hon. Fitzhugh Lee, ex-officio president of the Veteran Cavalry Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, which is popularly known as the J. E. B. Stuart Monument Association; Colonel the Hon. Charles T. O’Ferrall; Major A. R. Venable, Captain the Hon. John Lamb; Judge E. C. Minor and Messrs. Joseph Bryan, James R. Gordon, John W. Gordon, P. H. Mayo, Frank T. Sutton, Joseph W. Thomas, James Vas, L. B. Vaughan and James R. Werth.

It will be remembered that the monument is to be erected on the edge of the Capitol Hill, right in front of the pillared portico. It will cost $20,000, exclusive of the pedestal, which will be built by the committee.

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