From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/18/1903, p. 10, c. 3

The Monument Committee Is Receiving Competitive Designs.

The Stuart Monument Association through the chairman of the Executive Committee, Captain Marion Dimmock, is receiving a number of models that are being submitted in the competition called for by the association. Theoretically at least, not even the committeemen who are to pick the winner are supposed to know whose model is whose, and so there is not much information to be gleaned concerning the contest beyond the fact that designs have been received from Mr. Gudebrod, Mr. Morahan and Mr. Sievert and more are expected every day.

Captain Dimmock is having them set up in a large room over Brown’s Café, near Lee Camp Hall, and when all of them are in, the Executive Committee will be called to select the best design. The specifications called for designs under three feet in height, of an equestrian statue, of heroic proportions, of General J. E. B. Stuart, to be delivered for $20,000. It will be set up on the knoll in front of the Capitol portico on a pedestal to be designed and built by the committee.

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