From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/18/1903, p. 2, c. 2

Legislature to Give Site on Square and Contribute $10,000.00

The move on foot to shortly erect a monument on the Capitol Square to the memory of General J. E. B. Stuart, Virginia’s great Confederate cavalry leader, is taking definite shape, and the project seems now practically assured.

General Fitzhugh Lee, Major A. R. Venable, Captain M. J. Dimmock, Messrs. W. Ben Palmer and Joseph Bryan, a committee from the Stuart Monument Association, appeared before the Finance Committees of the Senate and House last night, and asked that the Legislature grant the permission to build the monument on the public square and contribute the sum of $10,000 to aid in the matter.

While there was not a quorum present, it was the sense of the meeting that is the association would raise $15,000 the Legislature would pass a bill granting the site, and while the State may not be in a position at this time to make the appropriation, yet the present body would pass a resolution committing the State as far as possible to the proposition and calling on the next Legislature to make the appropriation. Senator Wickham and Mr. Boaz both spoke in a favorable strain, and Senator Harvey, of Patrick, the birthplace of the lamented Stuart, earnestly endorsed their position. The members of the Monument Committee are much pleased with the outlook, and it is said that this promise from the two Finance Committees leaves practically no doubt that they will be able shortly to carry out their plans. The monument will be placed on the brow of the hill just below the southern end of the Capitol overlooking Bank Street. The association already has $5,000 in hand and the city of Richmond is expected to make a handsome addition, and when the Legislature comes up with $10,000 the aggregate amount will be ample for the work.

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