From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/17/1903, p. 1, c. 5

Cavalrymen wish to Place it in the Capitol Square.
Legislature Soon to Be Asked to Do Half as Well as South Carolina Has Done in Honor of General Wade Hampton

General “Jeb” Stuart’s cavalry veterans held their usual Monday night meeting in Lee Camp Hall last night, and in the course of a spirited meeting determined to petition the Legislature for a site in Capitol Square upon which to erect a $20,000 monument to the cavalry here of the armies of the Confederacy in Virginia. In addition to this request, the Legislature will be asked to exercise its patriotism to the extent of passing an appropriation for at least $10,000 to go towards building the proposed equestrian statue.

Major A. R. Venable was the moving spirit in these proceedings, heartily seconded by Mr. Joseph Bryan. Major Venable saw in Sunday’s paper that South Carolina had appropriated $20,000 for a monument to General Wade Hampton, and he came down from Farmville to the committee’s meeting burning to have Virginia do something, at least half way as distinctive, for the honor of his beloved chieftain.

A number of the leaders of the Legislature have already been approached in regard to this matter, and not one but has expressed keen interest and promised his support of the necessary measure.

Another action of importance was a resolution to convert all the funds in the hands of the treasurer into Virginia century bonds.

Those present were Judge E. C. Minor, in the chair; Captain W. Ben Palmer, secretary; Mr. Jeffry Montague, assistant secretary; Mr. E. A. Catlin, treasurer; Captain Frank T. Sutton, Mr. Joseph Bryan and Major A. R. Venable.

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