Thomas P. Turner Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Lynchburg, Va.

Hon. Geo. W. Randolph
Sec of War


I have the honor to state that for nearly six month I was in charge of the mil Prisons at Richmond which position has always before and since been held by officers holding either the rank of Maj. or Capt. Upon being ordered here as Pro. Marshal I felt some diffidence in assuming the duties of so arduous a post with such few facilities of conducting my business and at the same time holding such a low commission where I necessarily have to command those who are so much my superiors. I have been informed that most of the Provost Marshal’s many of them stationed at small towns not of as much importance as this city hold commissions at least as high as Captain and even person even persons appointed from civil life rank as Captains of Infantry. Genl. Jno. H. Winder informed me before I [page break] relinquished the command of the Prisons that I would received promotion but I understand there is a difficulty in the way on account of my commission in the regular C. S. Army not having been confirmed by the Senate at the last session of Congress. I beg leave to cite and instance in which an officer who was appointed Lieut. About the same time as myself was afterwards promoted to Captain in the Provisional Army. I refer to Col. A. C. Godwin.

I beg leave to mention that I was appointed Lieut. in the regular service on account of my having left the U. S. Mil. Academy (West Point) at the commencement of the war. I did not apply at Montgomery where most of my colleagues secured their appointments, but was Commissioned in the Provisional Army of Va where I remained until last September when I was appointed in the regular Confederate Service. Mr. Benjamin (then Sec of War) informed me that there would be no difficulty in reference to it, and being twenty one years of age and over I was entitled to a Lieut.’s Commission.

[page break]

Hoping that you may excuse the freedom which calls your attention to so humble a name,

I have the honor
to be Sir
Your Obdt Servt
Th. P Turner
Lieut. & PM

Respectfully forwarded to the Hon. Secy of War

Jno. H. Winder
Br. Gen.

Sep. 27th/62

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