E. S. Gaillard Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Genl Hospital No. 9
Oct. 14th 1862

Surgn. E. S. Gaillard,


In compliance with orders from Surgn Genls office of Oct 1st 1862, I respectfully submit the following report.

There have been thirty five cases of compound fracture of the thigh (Gunshot) treated without amputation in the Hospital.

Of this number twenty-eight (28) died and seven recovered, or at least were doing well when they left the Hospital.

Very respectfully,
C. W. R. Brock
Asst. Surgeon in charge

Of the seven that recovered, the seat of fracture in this case was the upper third of third, 4 in middle & 2 in lower third. The treatment invariably pursued was, first, Smith’s anterior splint, but this not coming up to the expectations of the surgeons, it was substituted by the double inclined plain, which apparatus answered a much better purpose.

S. G. O. 18 Oct. 1862

Respy retd.. – Dr. Brooks will state the seat of fracture in each case – and the apparatus used in treatment.

S. P. Moore
Surgeon General

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