From the Richmond Examiner, 5/25/1864

THE YANKEE WOUNDED, to the number of six or seven hundred, deserted by Grant and Butler on the battle-field, because they were of no further use to them, are cared for at Hospital No. 21, Cary and Twenty first streets, at Ross' factory, Main street, and at the Yarborough factory, corner of Twenty fifth and Franklin streets. The whole number of prisoners who have fallen into our hands, and are cared for in Richmond hospitals, is nearly seven hundred. The headquarters of their treatment is Hospital No. 21, where the annexed corps of surgeons are in attendance: Surgeon G. W. Semple, in charge; Surgeons Thomas Ellison and O. F. Baxter, Assistant Surgeons D. M. Clarke, S. P. Christian, J. F. Ferguson, William H. Gibbes, and E. P. Gibbons, of Maryland. The accommodations of Hospital No. 21 is for four hundred, at Ross' factory three hundred, and at Yarborough factory two hundred and fifty. Seven hundred in all have been received. They were deserted on the battle field by their commanders, and no instinct but that of common humanity has prompted the reception and care they now meet with in our hospitals. They are dying by dozens daily, but their deaths are owing to the long painful interval that elapsed between their wounding and their reception at hospitals.

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