From the Richmond Enquirer, 5/24/1864

THE HOSPITALS FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE YANKEE WOUNDED IN RICHMOND are locates on the corner of 25th and Cary streets, and originally comprised two buildings known as Taylor's and Mayo's factories, one capable of accommodating about 350, the other about 250 patients. In consequence of the influx of wounded Federals, it was found necessary, on Sunday, to open Rosser's factory, on Main street. On yesterday, Turpin and Yarborough's factory, on the corner of 25th and Franklin, was also opened to accommodate the increased number arriving. Rosser's will contain about 400, and the latter about 250. There are in all of these hospitals, at present, about 800 patients, the number daily increasing. Such is the serious character of the wounds of most of the patients, that on Saturday there were twenty four capital operations. The attendance is of the best kind and the cleanliness of the premises a noticeable feature. The Yankees have all that they desire and more than they deserve. The surgical attendance is of the highest order. The following is a list of the surgeons in charge: Surgeon G. W. Semple, of Hampton, Va., Chief; Surgeon Thomas Eliason, O. F. Baxter, and Assistant Surgeon D. M. Clarke, in charge of Libby prison Officers' Hospital, S. P. Christian, J. T. Ferguson, Wm. H. Gibbs, and E. P. Gibbons. Mr. J. V. Hopkins is Commissary Steward, and a look at his well filled larder, will convince any one that the Yankees don't suffer.

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