From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/18/1861, p. 2, c. 4

Prisoners of War. – The sixteen persons mentioned yesterday as having taken the oath of allegiance, are released prisoners, who were brought here on the charge of disloyalty. We understand that two little chaps named Charles Smith and Thomas Livingston, who were captured with the others in a boat on the Potomac, a few days ago, have been released, and will be sent back to their friends without delay. We also hear that Capt. J. B. Ricketts, of the Federal army, who was wounded and captured in the battle of Manassas, will leave to-day for the North, having been exchanged fro Capt. DeLagnel. Mrs. Ricketts who has shared his captivity from her own choice, accompanies him. Wm. H. Byrd, who has for some time past been caged in the county jail, will probably be released in a short time.

Sidney S. Baxter, Esq., has been appointed Commissioner to examine prisoners, in place of Col. Lyons, resigned.

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