From the Richmond Enquirer, 12/10/1861

DECEASED PRISONERS OF WAR. - The following persons, held as prisoners in the Tobacco Warehouses, have died during the past fortnight, chiefly of typhoid fever, which has appeared among the prisoners, but especially among the tories from Western Virginia, in a very violent form: Lewis Combs, citizen of Rolla county, Missouri; J. W. Bishop, private company I, 27th New York Regiment; John Albrecht, sailor, Massachusetts; Neville Caughman, citizen Hardy county, Virginia; John M. Lee, Company I, 1st Minnesota; J. R. Hall, citizen, Virginia; Wm. J. Devereaux, company B, 2nd Maine; J. Weatherby, company C, 2nd New Hampshire; Wm. Gibbs, company E, 7th Ohio; James Ashmore, company G, 1st California; Thomas N. Woodward, company C, 15th Massachusetts.

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