Libby Prison was used almost exclusively for officers, though it was also the receiving depot for prisoners through Richmond. Thus, enlisted men would come to Libby Prison, be registered as POWs, and then be transferred elsewhere (Belle Isle, Pemberton, etc).

T. P. Turner was the Commandant; Richard Turner was the Jailor; Erasmus Ross was the Clerk; A. W. Thomson was the Surgeon; C. W. Coleman,was the Asst. Surgeon; and W. S. Nowlin, was the Actg. Asst. Surg (7/3/1862 - 2/9/1863)

Libby Prison was located at the southeast corner of 20th St. and Cary St.

[Surgeon information comes from RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 143, National Archives]

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