From the New York Times, 5/13/1867

More Trouble with the Negroes in Richmond – Arrest of a Speaker at a Freedmen’s Meeting.

RICHMOND, Sunday, May 12.

Another riot occurred in the lower portion of the city last night. The negroes attempted to rescue a drunken negro from the police, and bricks, clubs and pistols were used. Four policemen were badly beaten and one was severely injured. A company of soldiers, who were guarding the Libby Prison, were called out, and captured eighteen of the rioters. While this was going on another difficulty occurred in First-street, but it was quieted by the persuasion of a colored juryman.

To-day mounted soldiers patrolled the streets to keep order, and squads of policemen were placed at all of the churches in view of threats of the negroes to force their way in among the white people.

A large procession of negro societies attended a funeral to-day accompanied by an unarmed company of colored militia, the officers of which carried swords. There was no disturbance.

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