From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/27/1867, p. 1, c. 4

REGISTRATION TO-DAY. – Registration in the Fourth Ward of the city commences at Bellevue Hospital to-day. This ward embraces all that portion of the county which will be included within the city liits on the 1st of July, and consists of Port Mayo, Rocketts Old Field, a small part of Fulton, and a few squares on Chimborazo Hill, all of Church Hill north of Broad street, a large part of Union Hill, Strecker’s Hill, Venable street, and also the population east of Seventeenth street to a point a short distance above the Central workshops.

The purpose of listing this portion of the county in separate books is that they may be used by the commissioners of election in either the city or county, as the case now before the courts may determine their place of voting.

We will repeat what we have often said before: REGISTER, and register AT ONCE.

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