From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/20/62, of all numbered battery defenses of Richmond, containing both military and medical details.

Richmond, November 20th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medl Director,
                                          I have the honour to report the condition of the forces manning the batteries around Richmond. The defenses consist of an immense line of embankments & heavy artillery in a circle of about 2 miles from the city being numbered from Battery 1 on the north side of James River to No. 17 on the south side - Batteries no 1 to 10 are on the north side & of these no 2 has a Hospital of two rooms, an assist Surgeon & Battalion No 10 manning the battery.
No 4: Has Battalion No 18, 1 acting A. S. & a Hospital in a church.
No 8: Has Battalion No 19, 1 Asst Surgeon & a Hospital of 10 rooms.
No 9: Has Battalion No 20, 1 Surgeon & 1 Asst & a Hospital of 3 rooms.

Batteries no 11 to 17 are on the South side, of these no 15 only has one Co. of light artillery in 4 houses used as Barracks. A. A. Surgeon Chiles attends this Co & Capt. Moxeley, Co on Provost Martial duty in Manchester.

The other batteries have each one sentinel who guards them. The outer line consists of 7 Cos. of light artillery all static and in or about the Charles City road & they have one Asst Surgeon & 2 acting Asst Surgeons as Medl Officers.

The whole command numbers 2509 & 192 are sick & off duty - only the sick from the outer line have been sent to the Hospls of Richmond. The Surgeon in Chief who would be brigade surgeon were these forces brigaded wishes the Hosl at Battery No. 8 to be enlarged by addition of a two storied house to the Hospital in Battery 60 x 18 ft. capable of accommodating 40 to 50 additional patients for in order that all the sick of this command may be sent to this as the Genl Hospl.

I am [of the] opinion that this is inadvisable on account of its proximity to the battery when 5 cos. composing Battalion No. 19 are on duty - & from its being much more convenient for the other batteries to send the sick (necessary to go to other than the small Hospls they have) to some of the Genl Hospls now established. - These hospitals exist now in a line around the outskirts of the city parallel to these batteries & about at the proper distance - It would be advisable to send from Battery No 2 to Genl Hospl No. 25. From Battery No. 4 to Howard's Grove.
From Battery No. 8 to Genl Hosl No. 1.
From Battery No. 9 to Genl Hosl No. 1 or Louisiana Hospl.

The other batteries when manned will all have Genl Hospls quite convenient to receive such cases as are proper to send to a Genl Hospl. I would advise that the separate commands always send their sick to the same Hospital & if the Surgeons in Charge need assistants that they have detailed from this command nurses proportionate to the sick admitted from them.

Very Respectfully,
    Your Obedient Servant,
        Wm. A. Carrington
            Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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