From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/9/1862, p. 1, c. 3

Mayor's Court, Monday, Dec. 8.—Thomas R. and Daniel Dwyer were required to give security for getting drunk and being disorderly on Broad street, and rolling sundry empty hogsheads off the sidewalk.

George Brady was required to give security for trespassing on the Ballard House, while drunk, and breaking Mrs. R. M. Allen's bonnet box.

James Simmon, arrested for being drunk, acting disorderly, and drawing a knife in the house of Timothy Cavanagh, was examined and sent to Capt. Turner, of the Libby Prison, he having, not long since, while in confinement there, given leg bail.

James Driscoll was committed for want of security on the charge of getting drunk, beating his wife, and disturbing the neighborhood in which he lived.

Ann Shannon was committed in default of bail, on the charge of drunkenness, disorderly conduct in the vicinity in which she lived, and abusing Capt. Pleasants, of the night watch, when he requested her to stop.

Melvin Davenport, free negro, without a register, having in his possession a lot of bacon, coffee, and tobacco, supposed to be stolen, was ordered to be whipped.

Kile Norton, a South Carolina darkey, employed at Castle Thunder, arrested with Capt. Alexander's pass, was let off.

Anderson B. Duke was required to give security for getting intoxicated Saturday night and Sunday evening, and making a bed of the sidewalk of Main street.

Thomas Eanes, of Petersburg, was admonished for using Emanuel Semon's passage way for a sleeping apartment, Sunday night, while corned, and was let off.

John C. Butler, charged with getting very drunk and breaking the window of F. Honaler's tenement, was committed for want of security.

Pat. H. Downey was committed for drunkenness and trespassing on the Ballard House Sunday.

John W. Sarden, formerly a member of the 1st Texas regiment, was brought up for feloniously shooting at and wounding Thornton Kennedy, a resident of Screamersville, Sunday evening Gideon B. Thompson was arraigned as an accomplice.—Kennedy not being able to appear, the case was continued till Tuesday morning, and the witnesses desired to appear. The shooting was performed with a Colt's revolver, two sizes larger than the navy pistol. The police say that Sarden and his companion entered Kennedy's house, and, without saying a word, the former raised his pistol and pulled the trigger. The ball, striking obliquely between Kennedy's eyes, glanced around the skull, tearing up the skin to the bone, and buried itself, four inches in a wall in his rear.

Carter Padlock, arrested as a person of evil name and reputation, and having no visible means of support, was committed to jail for want of security.

Wm. H. Robinson was committed for getting drunk and behaving disorderly in the neighborhood of the New Market.

Bridget Holt was required to give security to keep the peace for "unlawfully abusing Catharine Burnes." And was committed.

Five or six negroes, picked up by the watch for going on the streets without passes, were appropriately disposed of, and the Court adjourned at 1 o'clock, after a session of three hours.

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