From the Washington (D.C.) Critic, 7/14/1888, p. 1, c. 4

The Obsequies at the Church of the Epiphany This Afternoon.

The funeral services over the remains of the late Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett drew a large number of people to the Church of the Epiphany to-day.
The services began at exactly 12 o’clock, but half an hour before that time the body, inclosed in a handsome casket covered with black broadcloth, had been placed in the vestibule of the church.

It was literally embodied in a huge mass of roses and immortelles, entwined with palm branches and running plants.

When the members of Dr. Garnett’s family arrived the casket was borne to the altar-rail by the active pall-bearers, Mr. R. Ross Perry, Drs. George B. Harrison, Lachlan Tyler, George N. Acker, J. B. Hamilton, Charles Hagner Witmer and T. R. Stone.

Immediately preceding the casket were the honorary pall-bearers, Hon. Hugh S. Thompson, Hon. Randolph Tucker, Professor W. D. Cabell, W. H. Clagett and Drs. Lincoln, Lovejoy and Toner.

The members of the family, led by Mr. Henry Wise Garnett and his mother, followed the casket to the chancel.

Every seat in the nave of the church was filled and many stood about the door and in the aisles. A delegation from the Medical Society was present. Dr. Platt conducted the services, assisted by Drs. Leonard and Phelps. Throughout a choir sang several hymns, including “Lead, Kindly Light.”

When the services had concluded the body was borne to the hearse, all the audience standing as the pallbearers carried it down the aisle.

Many persons followed the body to Rock Creek Cemetery, where the interment took place.

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