From the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, The Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond VA

Ladies of Robertson Hospital
(page near the end of the Robertson Hospital register)

  Miss S. L. Tompkins, Chief Virginia
  Mrs. E. F. Semmes, Asst. "
  Mrs. Mary A. Page Virginia
  Miss A. P. Tabb "
  Miss Eliza Davenport "
  Mrs. B. Trigg "
  Mrs. Jas. A. Jones "
  Mrs. Jno. McGuire "
  Mrs. Williamson "
  Mrs. Baylor "
  Miss Agnes Haxall "
  Miss Bettie McMurdo "
  Miss Mollie McMurdo "
  Miss Kitty Heath "
  Mrs. Bowen "
  Mrs. Wm. Bell "
  Mrs. Sandaige Louisiana
  Miss Rebecca Jones Virginia
  Mrs. Deas "
  Mrs. Dr. Wellford "


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