From the Wadesboro North Carolina Argus, 6/19/1862

God Bless Them.

Miss Sally Tompkins, living on Main street, corner 3rd, Richmond, Va., has, at her own individual expense, fitted up a large and commodious house, as a hospital, supplying it with every needed requisite, partitioning off the rooms into delightful and healthful receptacles for the sick and wounded soldiers, superintending in person, the administering of medicines, food, and all things else necessary and condusive to their restoration to health. The expenses of this large establishment and liquidated from her own purse. A regular Surgeon is in attendance at this hospital. Another lady living a few doors from this establishment, periodically visits this hospital, and others, carrying loads of nice and necessary condiments to the poor, wounded, sick, and suffering soldiers. Again we say – God bless them! And he will.

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