From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Order of 1/28/63 closing down Robertson, Samaritan, and Soldiers Home Hospitals.

Medical Directors Office – 213 Main St.
Richmond, January 28th 1863

Chief Surg. Mason
                             You will take proper steps to have all privates and non-commissioned officers at once removed from the private hospitals "Samaritan" "Robertson" and "Soldier's Home" to the Hospitals of their respective states, and inform the managers of the same that they will hereafter receive no sick or wounded soldiers except on the written authority of the Chief Surgeon or Judicial Director of the Department and that officers of the C. S. Army remaining, or being admitted in thereon must report to the Medical Officers assigned to attend Officers in General Quarters and be subject to whichever regulations exist for such Officers.

You will further direct that all property of the C. States (if any) in the possession of these Hospls be turned over at once to Surg. E. W. Johns, Medl Purveyor or to Capt. W. E. Warren, Q. M., and that all Officers and attendants in the service or employ of the C. S. report immediately to your office for assignment to duty in such of the Military Hospitals as require their services. You will furnish the Commissary and the Receiving & Distributing Hospital with the information contained in this order.

Wm. Carrington
    Acting Med. Director

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