From the Richmond Sentinel, 5/17/1864


In and around Richmond, for the separate accommodation of the sick and wounded from different States.

Soldiers of Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri are at Chimborazo Hospital, Eastern terminus of Broad street, (Church Hill)

Those from North Carolina in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th divisions of Winder Hospital, Northwest of Hollywood Cemetery.

Those from South Carolina in the 4th division of Jackson Hospital, Southwest of Winder Hospital.

Those from Georgia in the 1st and 2nd divisions of Jackson Hospital and 1st division of Winder Hospital.

Those from Louisiana at the Louisiana Hospital, West terminus of Broad street, and in 3rd division Winder Hospital.

Those from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and Arkansas in the 1st and 2nd divisions of Howard's Grove Hospital, on Mechanicsville Turnpike.

Confederate or Unappropriated Hospitals – Robertson Hospital, corner of Main and 3rd streets; Receiving and Wayside Hospital, corner 17th and Grace streets; Small Pox Hospital, near Howard's Grove.

Prison Hospitals – General Hospital No. 13 and General Hospital No. 21, corner of 25th and Cary streets.

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