Richmond Sentinel, 2/20/1864


The following is a correct list of the various Hospitals, and where the wounded and sick from the different States are to be found:

The soldiers of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia are at the Chimborazo Hospital, east end of Broad street.

North Carolina soldiers at Jackson and General Hospital No. 24.

Georgia – First division Jackson Hospital.

South Carolina – Third and fourth divisions of Jackson Hospital.

Louisiana – Louisiana Hospital.

Confederate – Robertson Hospital.

Officers – General Hospital No. 4.

Receiving and Wayside Hospital – General Hospital No. 9.

Prison Hospital – General Hospital No. 13.

Federal Prison Hospital – General Hospital No. 13.

Small-Pox – Small-Pox Hospital for all the States.

Officers in Private Quarters – Report to Surgeon Garnett, Broad, near 10th street.

General Hospital No. 1, Camp Winder, and Howard's Grove Hospital, have been temporarily closed.

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