From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/6/1862

Complained Of. – A hospital under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association has, for some time past, been established on 10th street, next to Crawford's old saloon. It seems that a resort for lewd females has been established opposite thereto, in rear of Duval's drug store, and the managers of the hospital have complained to the Provost Martial that the attention of their patients is very much diverted from their legitimate business of sickness by the antics cut up by the lascivious residents of the domicile alluded to. They disport themselves at the windows and doors in a half nude state, and in various other ways contribute to disgust the sober sided managers of the hospital. Sometimes the patient soldiers, throwing off the restraints which would seem to be imposed by the term in question, and exude therefrom afterward in a condition that forbids the supposition that their beverage was water only. The authorities of the hospital have asked the Provost Marshal to abate the nuisances, and is quite likely that he will.

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