From the Richmond Whig, 7/8/1862, p. 2, c. 1

AN INCIDENT. – A few days ago, when Bosher's Hall was suddenly taken by the authorities, to be used as a hospital, a large number of cots or bed frames were sent to the building. Ex-Mayor Lennox, of Washington, Mr. W. P. Ragland, and other gentlemen, assisted in the arrangement of these cots, and in getting the place in order. They worked industriously for several hours. One of the gentlemen – a stranger – who had been busily engaged in this good work, handed Mr. Ragland a $50 note, to be expended in purchasing any articles that might be required for the hospital. He declined to give his name, but being pressed to do so, stated that he was Capt. W. W. Stringfield, of East Tennessee. Mr. R., believing that such a striking instance of generosity and sincere regard for the wounded soldiers should not pass unrecorded, communicated the facts to us for publication.

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