From the Richmond Whig, 8/1/1861

PRIVATE HOSPITALS. - We mentioned the fact a few days since, that several patriotic ladies had fitted up a school-house, at the corner of Clay and 8th streets, for the reception of sick or wounded soldiers. The scheme was proposed, we learn, by the husband of one of the ladies, who placed at her disposal, for the purchase of the requisite furniture, etc., the liberal sum of $1000. - The hospital thus established is now occupied by ten or fifteen patients - mostly from Louisiana - who are receiving every attention which humility and kindness can suggest. Another similar home for the sick has been opened, in the school-house near the corner of Clay and 6th streets, under the auspices of other ladies; and it has been suggested that the emulation of this example in other parts of the city would ensure the recovery of many a gallant soldier who is now suffering from wounds or sickness.

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