From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/11/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Mayor's Court, Wednesday, Dec. 10th – Recorder Caskie presiding. — Lieut. Lewis Powers, charged with getting drunk and trying to force his way into the residence of Mrs. Mary Brooks, corner of 17th and Broad streets, and using bad language to her, was required to give $500 security to keep the peace, which he did.

Mike, a darkey employed at Chimborazo Hospital, found drunk by the watch Tuesday night, with two blankets and a decanter in his possession, was ordered 25 lashes.

Dennis O'Leary was arraigned for fighting in the house of Margaret Griffin, on 17th street. It was in proof that he and others were gambling therein, and a dispute arising, a row ensued, all the parties making good their escape, save O'Leary, who was captured by the police. Defendant was committed in default of $200 security.

Beverly, slave of Wm. H. Tyree, arrested with a bowie knife in his possession, was ordered 25 lashes.

Adams and Wesley, slaves of John E. Wadsworth, found with forged passes on their persons, were ordered 39 lashes each.

Ann and Matilda, two slaves, charged with harboring and concealing Debby, slave of Mrs. Griffin, were each ordered 25 lashes.

The case of Madison Griffin, charged with forging the name of John Griffin and getting $10 from Richard Reins, was continued till Monday, the witnesses not being present.

Cornelius, slave of R. J. Jones, was ordered 25 lashes for stealing 16 pounds of butter, belonging to James W. Smith.

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