From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/17/1862, p. 1, c. 4

Arrests by the City Police. – The officers were quite busy on Saturday night, and during their peregrinations accomplished a number of arrests, included in which number are the following parties: Jas. Halley, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the 1st market; Peter Doyle and Jno. Dunn, for stealing a horse, worth $160, from Thos. Samson.--On entering the rooms over No. 90 Main street, by way of Exchange Alley, they found a number of negroes, who had evidently been disturbed while gaming. At this place they arrested William Jackson, slave of Jno. R. Allen, for going at large and having in his possession ten gallons of whiskey and a lot of gambling tools; also, Robert Carter, slave of Wm. B. Pleasants, for being in No. 90 without a pass; Washington, slave of Thos. Jordan's estate, another occupant, for going at large, and Dick Carey, a free negro, also present without a certificate of his freedom. Dan Gorman was caged for being drunk and stealing $74 in C. S. notes from Wm. McFieldly.—In a house in Adams's Valley, near the old ink factory, were arrested Willamina Tyree, Lucy Boasman, and Mudgy Manson, mulatto women, for keeping a disorderly house of ill-fame. Richard Nants, Wm. Hardiey, and James B. Shook, white men, found in Tyree's house, were caged for associating with negroes. Two of the men were ascertained to be deserters, for whom rewards had been offered. –At 11 o'clock Saturday night notice was given to the police that a man had been shot in the alley leading to a house of ill-fame kept by Ann E. Thomas, on Cary street. Proceeding thither, they obtained entrance with some difficulty, only to find that the inmates professed to know nothing of the affair, though committed by one of a gang of men who had been in the house. Leaving the house with the assurance that they only came to find out the particulars of the affair, the police proceeded to the Mayor's private residence, who, late at night, issued a warrant for the arrest of all the parties found in the house. About 2 o'clock it was surrounded by the police and armed guard, and the inmates, male and female, marched off to the cage, as persons of evil name, fame, and reputation. The men gave the names of Wilson Williams, George Grase, Benedict Howard, John F. Peregey, Edward Lightfoot, John Harrison, and Frank Gillian. The women registered as A. E. Thomas, Mary Jones, Lissy Hodges, Maggie Clark, Lucretia Bywaters, (alias Sue Price,) Sarah Smith, Mary Davis, Emma Marsh, Nellie Porter, and Jenny Barnes. Early Sunday morning the cage being too crowded, most of the prisoners were sent to the city jail. The unfortunate man who was shot was known as Capt. J. O. Withmell, and hailed from Louisville, Ky. After being shot he was carried to his room at the Exchange Hotel, and Dr. Conway called in to attend him. The ball was found to have been received in the back, and was extracted from the surface of the abdomen, having passed through the body. After lingering in great pain for seven hours, Withmell breathed his last about 10 o'clock yesterday morning. An inquest was subsequently held by Coroner Sanxay.

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