From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/5/1951, p. 3, c. 5

Canal Overflows Into Iron Works

The Chesapeake and Ohio canal overflowed in the vicinity of Sixth and Tredegar Streets early yesterday and put a large part of the Tredegar Iron Works under nearly two feet of water.

Police said a short section of Tredegar Street was under water for more than an hour.

Police and firemen were rushed to the Tredegar Company shortly after midnight when the rising water threatened to reach several large boilers in the foundry. But the flow of water was cut off by the closing of a canal gate upstream shortly after 1 A. M., before the water reached the boilers, police said.

They reported the “small-sized” flood apparently followed when a gate lock on the canal stuck open and could not be closed.

Raymond W. Krise, president of the Tredegar Company, said last night the extent of damage to his company’s property had not been determined and he could not state the flood’s cause.

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