From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/23/1920, p. 14, c. 3

Officials of Company Refuse to Speak of Incident – Only Walls of Shop Standing.

Origin of fire which occurred at the Tredegar Iron Works Tuesday night is still undetermined. No further information has been obtained as to the exact amount of the damage. Yesterday officials of the Tredegar plant said they did not know the exact loss caused by the fire, and that the amount of men who will be out of employment had not been determined.

No information was given as to the contracts that were being filled by the plant or whether it would be inconvenienced by the loss to the machine shop. The officials of the iron works also refused to stat whether or not a new building would be erected in the place of the one that was destroyed by the flames. Whether the plant was covered by insurance, or if the building was a total loss, would not be divulged.

The machine shop where the fire raged was completely destroyed, only the brick walls remaining.

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