From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/27/1909, p. 10, c. 4

Committee Rejects Playground Site in East End – Weather Bureau Located at Last.

After inspecting the park, the Council Committee on Grounds and Buildings yesterday afternoon designated as the site for the United States Weather Observatory the knoll in Chimborazo originally selected by Chief Moore. Councilman Richards, who fought through the Council the substitute changing from Gamble’s Hill to Chimborazo, opposed the final selection. He wanted the building further over in the park, in a less conspicuous position. The Marshall Ward delegation was divided, and the committee gave the site originally asked by Chief Moore by a vote of 5 to 2. The action is final, the Council having already authorized the erection of the building in Chimborazo.

The committee later inspected a lot at Twenty-fourth and Franklin Streets, offered by James T. Sloan to the city as a public playground, and to recommend that the offer be not accepted. It was found that the lot overhung a steep hillside; that only a small part of it could be used for play purposes without actual danger, and that a retaining wall and expensive grading and filling would be necessary to put it in order, the City Engineer’s estimates for the necessary improvements running far beyond the value of larger lots in the vicinity. A resolution of thanks to Mr. Sloan was adopted, and his offer forwarded to the Council for rejection.

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