From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/24/1908, p. 1, c. 7

Seriously Ill at Confederate Home as Result of Fall.

Captain Sally Tompkins, one of the two women who held commissions as officers in the Confederate Army, renowned for her generosity and for her bravery through the War between the States, lies seriously ill at the Home for Needy Confederate Women, in this city, having suffered a fall on the street last Thursday morning. Passing the residence of Colonel Buford, on Laurel Street, Captain Tompkins stumbled over a defect in the paving. She was rendered unconscious by the fall, being injured in the forehead.

Dr. William S. Gordon, who was passing at the time, went to her assistance. She was taken to the home, where she now lies. Regarded as serious at first, her injuries are now not thought to be of an alarming nature, and she will recover. She is nearing her allotted threescore years and ten.

Captain Tompkins is one of the most noted women in Confederate War annals. Born of wealthy parents, she did much for the cause of her fathers. For years she maintained and fostered the Robertson Hospital, in this city, during the war, and contributed in many other ways to the Lost Cause.

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