From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/7/1905, p. 5, c. 5

Damage About $30,000, Fully Covered by Insurance.

The result of the fire about 6 A. M. Sunday, which resulted in the destruction of what is known as “Armory Rolling Mill M, at the Tredegar Iron Works was told briefly in the extra Times-Dispatch Sunday.

The most serious feature of the fire from the public standpoint is that it leaves unemployed for a few days at least many of the three hundred men employed at the mill. Many of these men will be employed in other departments until the structure can be rebuilt, which will be done with the least practicable delay. Colonel Archer Anderson, president of the company, stated yesterday that the mill would be rebuilt in a few months. The total loss, including that for use and occupancy of the burned structure until it can be replaced, is estimated at about $30,000, which is fully covered in insurance policies carried thereon.

The fire was one fought under most disadvantageous conditions, the temperature being unusually low for this latitude, and the water from the nozzles freezing where it fell. Four steamers pumped icy water into the roaring flame in six good streams, some of the steamers dipping their suction pipes into the canal and others attaching to plugs.

The loss is covered by the following insurance companies:

Liverpool and London and Gloge, 25 per cent.; Home, of New York, 30 per cent.; Hartford, 10 per cent.; Scottish Union and National, 10 per cent.; North British and Mercantile, 10 per cent; Atlas, 5 per cent.; Norwich Union, 5 per cent.; National, of Hartford, 5 per cent. Loss on use and occupancy insurance may reach $5,000, fully covered as follows: Western, 26 per cent.; British-American, 26 per cent.; Westchester, 26 per cent.; Virginia Fire and Marine, 22 per cent. Davenport and Company, as brokers, for the assured, give attention to all insurance protection required for the company. The rate paid on the risk burned, was 2 per cent, per annum.

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