From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 7/30/1872, p. 1, c. 3

PUBLIC PARKS. – Of course we agree with the Whig that Richmond needs parks – more parks – large and small parks. Too much ground cannot be dedicated to the health, pleasure, and comfort of our citizens. Every available piece of ground owned by the city, or which she may acquire, should be made to contribute to the benefit of our people. We therefore favor the petition which is now in circulation among the citizens of Church and Union Hills, and which we hope will receive the signature of every resident of those districts, asking the Council to purchase Chimborazo Heights, and set apart that beautiful and eligible tract as a public park, even if it should be desirable to dispose of Libby Hill to enable the city to make this purchase. The latter is much less adapted to the purposes of a park than the former, and even if improved as such, would be too remote from the populous section including Union Hill. It is also quite small in comparison with the Heights, and does not lie as well. We are informed that the Chimborazo tract, which embraces over fifty acres, is now in court, and it is probable that the city could purchase it at a bargain. It is but just that a park should be erected in the eastern portion of the city, and no better suited ground could, in our opinion, be secured than this tract. We trust the petition of the citizens will meet with a favorable reception, and that the purchase may be speedily made.

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