From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 5/6/1865, p. 1, c. 1


General Halleck’s Headquarters, corner of Clay and Twelfth streets..
Major General E. O. C. Ord, Commanding Department of Virginia. Office in Custom House building, (second floor.) Entrance from Bank street, between Tenth and Twelfth streets.
Brigadier General Chas. Devans, Commanding Forces in and around Richmond. Office at the Clifton House. Headquarters, corner of Twelfth and Broad streets.
Brigadier General M. R. Patrick, Provost Marshal General. Office in Custom House building, on Bank street, first floor.
Lt. Colonel F. L. Manning, Provost Marhsal. Office, corner Broad and Tenth streets.
General Casey’s Headquarters are in the “Arlington House,” corner of Sixth and Main streets.
Major Stackpole, Judge Advocate of the Department of Virginia. Office, “Female Institute,” corner of Clay and Tenth streets.
Brigadier General John E. Mulford, Agent for the Exchange of Prisoners – same building as the Judge Advocate.
Colonel John B. Howard, Chief Quartermaster Army of the James. Office at the Custom House. Entrance on Bank street.
Colonel George Suckley, Medical Director. Office in Custom House building, Bank street, right hand door, first floor.
Dr. Chas. J. Tennant, Assistant Surgeon and Medical Purveyor Army of the James. Office at Moore Hospital, on Main street, near Twenty-Sixth.
Captain Scoville, in charge of Passport Office, Capitol building, second floor.
Transportation Office. – Ludlam & Watson’s Warehouse, at Rocketts.
Permits for Business. – Capt. Beckwith, second floor of the Capitol.
Lt. Colonel Kreutzer – Headquarters at St. Charles Hotel – grants passes for fishermen and marketmen to trade.
Post-Office. – Main street, under the Spotswood Hotel. Office open from 8 o’clock, a. m., till 6 o’clock, p. m. Open on Sundays from 8 to 10 a. m., and from 5 to 7 in the evening.
United States Sanitary Commission. – Office on corner of Ninth and Broad streets.
United States Christian Commission. – Corner of Capitol and Tenth streets.
Post Commissary. – Office on Broad street, between Seventh and Eighth streets.

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