OR, Ser. I, Vol. XXXIII, p. 1197-98.

Richmond, Va., January 25, 1864.

Medical Director, Richmond:

SIR: Owing to the exigencies of the service, the following-named hospitals in Richmond will be temporarily closed and the patients transferred to the hospitals herein designated: General Hospital No. 1 and Winder Hospital, patients to be transferred to Jackson Hospital; Howard's Grove Hospital, patients to be transferred to Chimborazo. The property pertaining to these hospitals (No. 1, Winder, and Howard's Grove) will be carefully examined, and such repairs made as are necessary, and packed away for future use at the respective hospitals, placed in charge of a guard under the direction of the surgeons in charge of those hospitals. You are instructed to communicate with Colonel Stevens and ascertain if he can employ the negroes now in the hospitals about to be temporarily closed on <ar60_1198> the fortifications or on some light duty, with the understanding that they be returned to these hospitals when their services are again required. The matrons will be retained. The medical officers attached to these hospitals will be assigned to other duty. As regards Winder Hospital, it is deemed advisable to pull down every alternate building, in order to give free ventilation and to secure them from entire destruction by fire. The buildings thus torn down can be re-erected in the fine grove adjoining the division of Surgeon Dudley. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Surgeon-General, C. S. Army.


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