The following letter was offered for sale by War Between the States Memorabilia, PO Box 3965, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Transcript found on seller's website:

1862 CONFEDERATE LETTER; 5TH ALABAMA INFANTRY: 4 pages, 6 1/2 x 8, in ink, written by Willie [S. Campbell, Co. H, 5th Alabama Infantry]. The letter reads in part:

"First Ala. Hosptl., Richmond, March 18th, 1862. As yet I have heard nothing from the regiment but am expecting a letter daily and expect to join it as soon as I can learn where it is camped. From some who came here after they had been marching three or four days, I learn that owing to the bad condition of the roads, bad weather and scarcity of tents, the troops suffered greatly. Ere [before] this time I hope that they have arrived at the new line and are now resting from their fatigues. There are almost numberless rumors and speculations in regard both to our movements and those of the enemy. Some say that the enemy are advancing with a very heavy force and others say that after occupying Leesburg and Winchester the enemy evacuated them and recrossed the Potomac into Maryland. Such rumors I think are altogether the workings of some hopeful's imagination set afloat. The news from N.C. and Fla. are bad and it is also reported that the enemy are advancing on Knoxville. If such is the case, I see no prospect of our returning in May for if they take it, communication will be almost cut off. I am very comfortably located in the hospital and expect to remain here but a few days. This Hospital and also the second Ala. are under the charge of Mrs. Hopkins of Mobile. They are kept clean and nice. The fare though plain is nevertheless good and such as the sick ought to have. The physicians in charge Drs. Morgan and Stinson are very attentive. In short a sick man fares finely here in comparison to the other hospitals. Last night I attended what is called the varieties, a kind of theater in the city, and saw Macbeth acted on the stage. I will try to have my ambrotype taken tomorrow and will send it by the first opportunity. My health is greatly improved and I feel much better than when I first came." More content in this very well written, newsy letter. Very neatly written on an excellent quality piece of lined stationary. The letter is signed, "Yours Always, Cousin Willie."

We will supply you with a xerox copy of another letter Willie S. Campbell wrote in which he signs it with his complete name, company and regiment. We do know that Campbell was captured by the Yankees some time during the war, but do not know the particulars. Further research of Mr. Campbell may prove rewarding.

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