OR, Ser. I, Vol. XLVI/2, p. 299.

JANUARY 30, 1865.

Maj. Gen. J. G. PARKE,
Commanding Army of the Potomac:

Deserters this morning report that it was rumored Mahone's division had left for Wilmington on Wednesday. The sick from the Chimborazo, Camp Jackson, and Camp Winder hospitals had been removed and the hospitals were being whitewashed. Quartermaster's stores, such as clothing, boots, and shoes, had also been moved on the Danville road. There is much disaffection among the troops of Terry's brigade, and it is said that the officers in Pickett's division are holding meetings and passing resolutions whether they shall go back into the Union, adopting the terms of the United States Government or continue to fight. The deserters say that these meetings are presided over by the colonels of regiments, resolutions are offered, and the men invited to give their votes, which is done for effect. The men are afraid to get up and declare their honest intentions, and the consequence is that it is taken for granted and declared by the officers that they are in favor of fighting it out. These resolutions are paraded in the papers for effect and to create a good state of feeling. Such a meeting was held the other day by Terry's brigade in a large house near their lines.



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