Excerpts from Jeremy F. Gilmer letters, UNC.

Richmond Va December 25th 1862

...Pheby Pember is still staying with us but goes over to the Hospital every day to get things in hand by the time she takes full charge. Miss Ball is also with us and will probably be assistant Matron to Phebe. By the bye, Phebe asked me to ask you to do her the favor to inquire of Mrs. Sihorn(?) if the hoop skirt was indeed burnt. She appears to be quite distressed at the thought.

Richmond, Va., January 10th 1863

My dear Loulie

...I am now the protector of three ladies under my charitable roof, Mrs Pember, Miss Ball, and Mrs [Edward] Lawton [in town due to the death of her husband].

My home seems, indeed, the refuge of the unfortunate and distressed. Mrs P. and Miss B. will soon be prepared, (I suppose?) to move to the lodgings in preparation for them by the Surgeons, at least (entre nous) I hope so.

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