From the National Republican (Washington, DC), 12/3/1869, p. 1, c. 6

Walker-Republican State Central Committee.

RICHMOND, Dec. 2. – There is published this morning a list of the State central committee of the Walker party just organized, heretofore Whigs, Republicans and Democrats, including Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, of Staunton; Franklin Stearns, Judge H. H. Marshall, Charles S. Carrington, president of the James River and Kanawha canal; James Cowardin, editor of the Richmond Dispatch; R. B. Haxall, Thomas Branch and James Neeson, of Richmond; Walter H. Taylor, of Norfolk, late of Lee’s army; Charles P. Stone, a former cavalry general in the Union army; Norman Smith, a former colonel in the Union army; J. D. Imboden, an ex-general of the Confederate army; Thomas S. Flournoy, the Whig candidate for governor in 1855, and D. C. Dejarnette, a former Democratic member of Congress.

The organization of the committee is submitted to the counties for approval. The list includes gentlemen of wealth and political influence.

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