From the National Tribune, 3/28/1907

On the Bridge When Lee Crost.

Mark D. Spear, Co. K, 15th N. Y. Engineers, Honeoye Falls, N. Y., says in reply to David W. Lee, Second Lieutenant, 15th N. Y. Engineers, that altho he has not the paper he speaks of he has one called the Richmond Whig, printed April 10, 1865. Comrade Spear's company was in front of Petersburg when they broke the lines, and half of them were detailed to go to Richmond. Arriving at the city, they laid a bridge across the James River, near Libby Prison, in just two hours' time. Their pontoon bridge was 640 feet long. He was patrol on the bridge when Gen. Lee crost into Richond. His Captain was S. W. Riding, and his Brigade General Benham. He would like to hear from some of his company comrades thru The National Tribune.

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