From the Richmond Whig, 3/28/1864, p. 1, c. 2

ROBBING A GRAVE YARD. - The Assistant Keeper of the Hollywood Cemetery, yesterday morning, about 12 o'clock, detected a man named R. L. Saunders in the act of breaking off and stealing the locks from the enclosures in the cemetery. He had broken off and pocketed eight locks, mostly brass, when discovered, and was in the act of wrenching off another. He was operating with a long screw driver. When arrested, he said he was getting the brass to make cannon. - Saunders is a well but not favorably known blacksmith, who for many years had a shop on 2d street, between Clay and Leigh streets. He has been once tried for stealing and once for forgery, and in the latter case escaped conviction by adroitly slipping the forged paper into his mouth and swallowing it whilst his trial was going on. It was, no doubt, his intention to fix those locks and sell them. He is believed to have been engaged in stealing locks from the cemetery for some time past, as great numbers have been missed from the different enclosures.

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