From the Richmond Examiner, 5/11/1863

PRISONERS FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. - Lieutenant Chapman, of company I, Maryland battalion cavalry, and a detachment of men, arrived in Richmond on Saturday, with fifty-six prisoners from Western Virginia and the Valley, some of the fruits of General Jones' raid, on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and in which the battalion took an active part. The following citizens of Western Virginia among the prisoners were lodged in Castle Thunder:

P. M. Jeffries, Wetzel county; Duchett Gatrell, Wester Virginia; J. H. Crone, William White and John Coleman, Ritchie county; Henry Parker, Parkersburg; William D. Seasel, Taylor county; John Rooney, Patterson county; H. C. Garry, Harrison county; Thomas D. Armstrong, Doddridge county; Thomas Hill, Bridgeport; William Brown, Preston county; Patrick Croughan; Ritchie county; George Snyder, (boy) Pendleton county. It is presumed they are to be held as hostages.

About 3 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, thirteen hundred more prisoners arrived in the city, from Guinea's, and were accommodated with quarters at the Libby and surrounding prisons, and more are on the way. There are now nearly four thousand prisoners in the city. At the lowest rate of fare, they are costing the government so many dollars per day, for every day they remain. Commissioner Ould went down to Old Point yesterday, to see what arrangements can be made for their immediate exchange. If there is to be any delay, it is probable Belle Isle will be reconverted into a camp for their occupation.

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