From the Richmond Examiner, Wednesday, 7/31/1861, p. 3

IT WAS reported yesterday evening that one of the sentinels at the Harwood prison had shot a Yankee prisoner for a persistent violation of the rules of the establishment. On inquiry, we ascertained the facts to be, that one of the Yankees continuing, after repeated warnings, to call to and endeavor to hold conversation with persons passing in the street, the sentry ordered him from the window at which he was standing; whereupon the Yankee, instead of obeying, began to curse and abuse the sentry in the most violent manner. The sentry, again ordering him away, leveled his piece at him and fired. The Yankee, however, jumped back in time to save his skin, and the ball, passing over his head, entered the ceiling and passed through the floor of the story above, narrowly grazing a prisoner who was lying on the floor.

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