From the Richmond Enquirer, 10/5/1861, p. 3

THE PRISON HOSPITAL. - The following is a correct statement of the number of sick and wounded received into the Confederate States Prison Hospital, at Rocketts, (for the Yankees) and of the number prescribed for in Prisons:

300 badly wounded, from the battle of Manassas, of which 29 have died - the remainder are rapidly recovering,

200 have been received into Hospital since the establishment of the prison, and treated for different diseases; the major portion for typhoid fever. Of these 12 have died, the remainder have recovered and are now in prison quarters.

At least 500 have been prescribed for in the prisons, it being unnecessary to have them transferred to Hospital.

It is understood that great credit is due to the diligent and accomplished Medical Director and Surgeon, Dr. E. G. Higginbotham, who has had exclusive charge of this Hospital, for its skillful and successful management. Dr. Higginbotham's familiarity with the best European Hospitals, has, doubtless, been of invaluable service in preserving that system, order and neatness for which this establishment has been so much praised, and which, by securing prompt and efficient attentions to the sick and wounded, must have contributed, equally with professional skill, in realizing the highly favorable exhibit above made.

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