From the Richmond Enquirer, 10/2/1861, p. 3, c. 3

WINTER QUARTERS. – For several weeks past a large force of workmen have been employed, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Powell, in constructing upon Hospital Hill, Rocketts, comfortable quarters for the protection of our soldiers during the winter. The buildings are all of wood, strongly and substantially built, with well-shingled roofs, glazed windows, and other conveniences. There are in all 87 buildings for the accommodation of the men, 12 officers' quarters, three hospitals, and one large bakehouse, with two capacious brick ovens. Each of the buildings are forty feet long, and are divided into two by a partition, extending their entire length. Each division will accommodate one full company. The buildings will be warmed by stoves – one in each company's quarters – which will be arranged for cooking purposes also. The camp is designed for the accommodation of quite 10,000 men, should it ever be found necessary to concentrate so large a number in this city. The hill upon which the camp is located, is admirably adapted for that purpose. It already presents a very picturesque appearance. The camp will be supplied with water from Griffin's Spring and Bloody Run. At present the scene is occupied by the Davis Invincibles, attached to the 18th Georgia regiment, who are encamped on an adjoining hill.

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