From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/31/1861, p. 3, c. 4

INTELLIGENCE CONCERNING SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. – TO facilitate the inquiries of numerous persons constantly coming to the city, at much expense, to look for their friends, disabled in battle, or sick, the Committee on the reception and accommodation of soldiers, have endeavored, from day to day, to publish a list of all received and quartered in the city. Owing to the fact that a good many have been taken to private houses, of whom no record was made, the lists are not perfect. A permanent office of intelligence is established at the St. Charles Hospital, under the care of Mr. Harvey A. Dudley, to whom all persons in the city and vicinity, having soldiers at their houses, are earnestly requested to report at once their names, regiment, company, and wounds or diseases. JOHN D. HARVEY, Chairman.

Persons from a distance inquiring for their friends, will find the register at the above named place.

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