From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/1/1864, p.1, c 5

Attempted Desertion and Bribery. – Bernard Gotleib and E. Schultz, members of company H, 19th Virginia militia, were arrested yesterday and committed to Castle Thunder, on the charge of desertion and attempting to bribe a Government official. On Saturday Schultz called at the passport office and after an unsuccessful effort to obtain a passport to Culpeper, took one of the clerks, Mr. James Wilde, to one side and offered him fifty dollars to give him the proper pass to that county. Wilde appointed a time to comply with his request, and in the meantime informed Captain Doswell, Assistant Provost Marshal, of the facts in the case. According to appointment Schultz called yesterday morning, obtained the passport, paid his fifty dollars, and started off, but was afterwards arrested and committed to the Castle, as above stated. The facts in Gotleib’s case were of a similar character, though the amount offered by him was $300, instead of $50 – Upon their persons were found a considerable amount of specie and greenbacks, and there is very little doubt that it was their intention to go North.

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