From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/18/1864, p.1, c 6

Charged with Swindling — John J Lindsey was arrested by Constable Robinson, of Henrico, on Friday last, charged with swindling Messrs Deane & Brown out of $1,200 worth of goods. It is alleged that Llndsey, who had formerly made several purchases from Messrs D. & B., called at their store on the day in question, and represented that he was the agent for Chimborazo Hospital, and had been sent by the surgeon in charge to purchase some country produce. Not suspecting anything wrong, he was permitted to take away about twelve hundred dollars' worth of butter and Irish potatoes; but, instead of carrying them to the hospital, they were resold to parties in the city and the proceeds pocketed by him. On learning these facts a warrant was obtained for Lindsey’s arrest, and he was taken before Justice Nettles; but that officer, believing the offence to have been committed in the city limits, turned him over to the Mayor. The case will come up this morning.

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