From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/3/1862, p. 2, c. 3

List of Prisoners Confined in "Castle Godwin" to March 15th, 1862. – Our readers can rely upon the following as a correct list of all the prisoners confined in "Castle Godwin" up to the 15th instant, together with the charges which led to their arrest. We will endeavor to continue a monthly statement of these committals:

Committed on the 2d of March. – Hon. John M. Botts, of Henrico, treason; C. Crouse, Richmond, seditious language; Lewis Dove, Richmond, disloyalty; Valentine Hechler, Henrico, treason; Chas. J. Muller, Richmond, treason; Franklin Stearns, Richmond, treason; John Scully, New York, spy; B. Wardwell, Richmond, treason.

Committed on the 3d of March. – A. O. Brummell, Richmond, desertion.

Committed on the 4th March. – Rev. A. Bosserman, Richmond, treason; Ebenezer Hallock, Richmond, disloyalty; Michael Kearney, Richmond, selling liquor; J. Fenton, Jr., Memphis Tenn., on suspicion; Mrs. Annie E. Scott, Leesburg, on suspicion.

Committed on the 5th March. – William Fay, Richmond, disloyalty.

Committed on the 6th March. – Daniel Bitter, Richmond, disloyalty; Thomas Bergen, Richmond, selling liquor; Henry Fitzgerald, Arkansas, disloyalty; Henry Frischkorn, Richmond, selling liquor; William Williams, Richmond, disloyalty.

Committed on the 7th March. – B. Davis, Henrico, disloyalty; James King, Richmond, disloyalty; James Manville, Delaware, ____; Tobias Pearsall, Richmond, selling liquor; Patrick Sherry, for interfering with the arrest of a prisoner; George Warren, Richmond, selling liquor; H. L. Wigand, Richmond, treason.

Committed on the 9th March. – Henry Wolf, Caskie's Rangers, deserting.

Committed on the 10th March. – S. P. Carusi, Washington, ____; A. J. Lavelle, Crutchfield Artillery, deserting; F. J. Tappey, guard, drunk while on duty; Chas. Williams, Fredericksburg, treasonable language.

Committed on the 11th March. – Captain James E. Leonard, New York city, ___; Phillip Helfrick, Richmond, giving away liquor; H. L. Pelouze, Richmond, disloyalty; William R. Read, King George, ___.

Committed on the 12th March. – Thos. Case, Richmond, treason; Francisco Dominick, Richmond, selling liquor; H. P. Derby, Richmond, treason; John Leonard, Richmond, selling liquor; Jos. Marshall, 4th Alabama regiment, for threatening the guard; J. R. Miller, Richmond, selling liquor; John McClelland, Richmond, selling liquor; Frank Ward, guard, drunkenness.

Committed on the 13th March. – Wm. H. Harrison, Richmond, for refusing to take the oath; John M. Jennings, Baltimore, ___; John Kelly, Baltimore, having no pass; J. B. Taylor, Baltimore, 1st Maryland regiment, deserting.

Committed on the 14th March. – Col. A. H. Adler, ___; Robert Gillin, Richmond, selling liquor; Jas. Rust, Parkersburg, disloyalty.

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