From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/11/1862, p. 3, c. 5


There are thousands of arms - muskets, rifles, pistols, swords, and carbines - the property of the Confederate States, which are in the hands of citizens throughout the Confederacy, and are held by them as trophies. The most urgent need of these arms, every one of them, old and new, good and bad, broken and sound, is upon us. For every one of them a volunteer is kept out of the field or sent to risk his life wit a fowling piece or a flint-lock. Money will not supply their places; they were bought with blood, and the absence from the field will surely cost us more blood. All having these arms, or even parts of them, are implored to return them at once, and magistrates and police officers everywhere are requested to apply the law to those having neither honesty or patriotism. Let them be shipped immediately by express to "Ordnance Officer, Manassas Junction," where all charges on them will be paid.

Chief Ord. A. P.


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