From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/6/1864, p.1, c4 and 5

Mayor’s Court, yesterday. – Granville Montelle, arrested about two weeks since on the charge of stealing two horses – one from the Confederate States and the other from a man named Henry Debell – and forfeiting his bail for his appearance before the Hustings Court to be tried on the charge of shooting, with intent to kill, Susan Hill, a free negress, underwent a partial hearing yesterday. The only witness examined was Captain Childress, a Confederate scout, who proved that, as far as his knowledge was concerned, Montelle, when arrested in Fredericksburg by him, was riding a different horse from any which it is charged that he had stolen; but that a man named Childress, who was with him, as astride an animal that was branded “C.S.,” and answered the description of one which had been stolen. At the conclusion of Captain C.’s evidence the Mayor adjourned further consideration of the matter till next Friday, in order to procure the attendance of important witnesses for the Commonwealth.

Washington Goodrich was charged with being drunk and asleep in the street. Officer Cousins, who carried him to the watchhouse, stated that after he got him there he (G) cursed him in an outrageous manner and called him a low-life loafer, &c. The Mayor recognized Goodrich as a man who had been before him before, and after reminding him that he had been a policeman in Baltimore himself, and therefore should know better how to conduct himself, required him to give security in the sum of $500 for his appearance before the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court.

Barry Loving and Clement J. Wheeler were fined $5 for fighting in the Second Market yesterday morning.

David Nicholas and Jim, slave boys were ordered to be whipped on the charge of stealing $300 from Major Claiborne.

Fanny Lewis, free negro, and George, slave of James New, charged with harboring Peter, slave of Neil McCurdy, had a partial hearing, and were afterwards committed to jail for a further one on Wednesday next.

Marie, a slave, charged with stealing an undershirt and some bacon and soap from W. B. Davidson, was ordered to be whipped.

Forty-two negroes, arrested on Thursday night while participating in the festivities of a wedding party at the house of Mr. Pendleton, on 5th and Jackson streets, were each ordered ten lashes. Much of the time of His Honor was consumed in listening to the appeals of the owners of some of these servants to let them off, some alleging one thing and some another as an excuse for their being caught in the scrape which they were; but all their efforts were in vain, and the negroes were to submit to their punishments.

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